There Is No Place Like Home


In collaborazione con/in collaboration with:
Albanian National Arts Gallery
Onufri 2006 - International Art Competition
The Albanian Ministry of Tourism, Culture, Youth and Sports

There is no place like home - the place we go and return everyday,
everyday, everyday, everyday…
(Rubens Shima)

Ogni stanza è una situazione, ogni opera un inoltrarsi nel labirinto
(Riccardo Caldura)

Home, a place pregnant with sensations, concerns, emotions. Home as a
shelter and protection, as a labyrinth and an abyss. Home made of simple
everyday experiences and ordinary objects. Home as the place to run
away from and where to come back.
The group show that Galleria Contemporaneo is pleased to announce as
a collaboration with the Albanian National Gallery of Arts deals with the
existential importance and many-sided nature of the domestic world.

Can an illegal worker fell at home among the monuments and artistic beauties
of Rome, a town built by slaves? The intensity of the images shot by :
BLala Meredith-Vula (Sarajevo -1966, lives and works in UK) asks wrong-footed,
direct and extremely relevant questions.
In Sugar was leaking, a video by the very young artist from Pristina,
Bekim Gllogu, family feelings cannot be damaged by the Kosovo war,
destroying and killing all around.
Rarefied and nostalgic is the atmosphere of the installation by Koen Wastijn,
Belgian artist whose work grasps in a subtle way the amazing and paradoxical
interweaving of the outside with the inside, of warmth with cold.
And moreover: the city, the overlapping of spaces and lives, as it is in the
evocative work by Dritan Hyska; the dreamlike nostalgia of the photos by
Genti Korini (Tirana - 1979); the paintings by Orion Shima (Tirana – 1969)
and Ardian Isufi (Tirana - 1973), the sense of distance and feverish mobility
that jobs force on us as in the intriguing and incisive video by Herbert Christian Stöger.

The exhibition, curated by Rubens Shima and Riccardo Caldura, is organized in
the occasion of the 52nd Edition of the Venice Biennale of Visual Arts and is based
on the selection of some among the artists who took part to the 13th Edition of
the Onufri Prize, an international competition that since years successfully
supports new ways of artistic research.

mar-sab/tue-sat 10.30-12.30/15.30-19.30
P.tta Olivotti 2 - 30171 Mestre-Venezia, Italy

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